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Get the Facts About Condom Use

Know the facts: Safety is key when you’re sexually active. Learn how condom use reduces risk for those you care about or shop our discreet Condom Holders.

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Nobody Wants an STI

Don’t be a statistic. With a Condom Holder from UnderCover Rubber, you’ll have a condom when you need one so smart decisions are easy decisions.

Be prepared when you need one.

Carry a Condom – Know How To Use It

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes.

UnderCover Rubber’s Deluxe Safe Sex “Tool” Kit comes complete with educational materials so you know how to find your fit and protect yourself and your partner.

Safe Sex Tool Kits

Highest Rate of Teen Pregnancy

The United States has one of the highest known rates of adolescent pregnancy and births in developed countries.

Over Half of U.S. Teens Have Had Sexual Intercourse by Age 18.
Don’t let a night of fun turn into a lifetime of sleepless nights. Make sure you always have a condom when you need one with an UnderCover Rubber Discreet Condom Holder. Plus, for vaginal sex, use a second form of birth control—every time.

Wise words from our protected UnderCover Rubber users:

  • The first time I had sex, I did not have a condom, so we had unprotected sex. Two nights later, we hooked up again and, while I had bought a condom, I had never tried one on and it did not fit. We had unprotected sex a second time and I contracted chlamydia. I then got an UnderCover Rubber “Tool” Kit, found the condom that fits me best and now carry my Discreet Condom Holder with me at all times. If I had only received a “Tool” Kit sooner, I would have been able to confirm which condom fit best in advance and would have been carrying the condom holder with me. You cannot use a condom unless you have one and it is important to find the right fit.

  • Since being introduced to the UnderCover Rubber Toolkit, I’ve gained a totally new sense of confidence and security with safe sex. I learned which condom style and size fit me best, so there’s no more guessing or worry when I go to get a new pack.

  • For us guys, it’s easy to put on some kind of front as if we get all the girls and are too good to need protection. I’ve learned that this front is exactly that, and completely wrong.

  • “My favorite model is the “Wallet Size – Top Load”, as it fits perfectly in my wallet while not allowing any sort of condom ring to be seen by way of protrusion or wear pattern. Not only does it eliminate the ring, but it makes your wallet look a little more full while maintaining comfort and sleekness. Needless to say, UnderCover Rubber helps in and out of the bedroom, and if you don’t have something similar, you are missing out.”

Want to know more? We have all the details you need in our FREE Condom Selection & Use Guide

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