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About UnderCover Rubber

UnderCover Rubber condom holders promote safe, protected sex as part of an overall healthy lifestyle for young people who are sexually active or plan to be.

UnderCover Rubber’s Mission

Our mission is to support the use of condoms among young adults to avoid the risk of pregnancy and STIs that can change the course of their lives – forever.  While our brand is fun and engaging, it seriously encourages proactive behavior and smart decisions related to condom use.

Our Founder, David Hagan, is passionate about helping young adults help each other make better choices to insure their mutual health, happiness, safety and success.

How it Started

David Hagan recognized the need to encourage condom use through his work with young men in the LifeBrothers program which promotes better mental health, authentic relationships and personal excellence in young men. David learned, too many times, that young men make poor, life-altering decisions – often related to not wearing condoms. He created the UnderCover Rubber Condom Holder as a tool that can help young men and women always be prepared, discreetly. 

David has a knack for speaking to young adults in a casual, straightforward way that works, and they respond. He used a similar approach in creating a memorable logo used on shirts, koozies and other products to make it easier for young adults to talk about and practice condom usage. An educational handbook is also offered as a comprehensive guide to proper condom fit, use and storage because young men do not have easy access to this invaluable information.

David has traveled the country giving his LifeBrothers life-changing presentation to young men – most of whom are struggling with fear of failure and of not living up to expectations that results in self-destructive behaviors and poor choices. LifeBrothers allows men to discuss any issue without fear, shame or hesitation…including condom usage.

Our goal is for young people to make
smart decisions and always be protected.

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