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• Discreet Nylon Condom Holders •

Always be prepared
because you can’t use one unless you have one.

Convenient – Sleek – Durable – Waterproof
Eliminates Condom Ring in Wallet

Nylon Condom Holder

Perfect to hold ID / Credit Card & Two Condoms

Undercover Rubber Condom Holder

Fits perfectly into your wallet, holds two condoms

Our Goals

UnderCover Rubber Aims To:

  1. Increase Condom Use
  2. Help Men Find the Right Condom Fit
  3. Help People Make Informed Choices About Sex
  4. Help People Become Comfortable and Confident
  5. Start Conversations about Condom Use
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Discreet Pete™

Carrying a condom is the SMART decision

With UnderCover Rubber – you can be prepared anytime

UnderCover Rubber was developed out of a care and concern for the health of young men and women.

Deluxe Kits

Our Safe Sex “Tool” Kit Includes:

  • Condom selection & use guide
  • Paper tape measure
  • Five sizes/styles of condoms
  • A discreet condom holder
Safe Sex Tool Kit
Essential Hardware

“I didn’t realize I needed this. The condom holder is so discreet and thin, I know I always have a condom with me, but no one else has to know.”

– College Student

Be Informed

Stats You Should Know:


of straight, gay, and bisexual men aged 20 to 24 did NOT use a condom during intercourse in the past 12 months

Source: National Survey of Family Growth


of men and women surveyed said they did not use a condom on their last one-night stand

Source: CDC

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Discreet Pete™

If a condom does not fit properly, it can break or fall off causing increased risk of pregnancy or STI


of women reported problems with use of condoms including falling off or breaking

Source: CDC

Get the Right Fit

Info You Should Know:

Our FREE Condom Selection & Use Guide includes:

  • Why and How to Use a Condom
  • How to Find Your Perfect Condom Fit
  • And More

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